Simplified guide in registering a car in Queensland

Everybody knows how important car registration or “rego” is. However, many don’t actually know how to go through the process in Queensland. For example, people just go to Ford dealerships Brisbane has today, without knowing what to do after the purchase.


You can’t even drive an unregistered car to the Department of Transport and Main Roads for the rego, without bringing necessary documents.


Nevertheless, don’t think that car registration is a complicated process. It’s simple, as long as you know how to exactly go through with it. After all, you only need to remember a few steps.


Buy from Ford dealerships Brisbane centres and register your car accordingly


Queensland legislation mandates car registration when you buy a brand new car. It also goes for unregistered used units or when you move to another state.


Here’s what to take note when going through a rego:


Prepare your initial documents


Be sure to have your identification and garage address before buying a car. This is to verify your identity and your eligibility to own a vehicle.


Moreover, it’s important to prepare these documents for a smooth transaction. When you connect with Ford dealers Sunshine Coast has for buyers, for example, they will ask you for these documents for insurance processes. They also require it for transfer of ownership and other vital steps.


Aside from car buying, such documents are also necessary for the actual rego. Prepare and fill in an application form for vehicle registration as well.


Get a Compulsory Third Party (CTP) Insurance certificate


You need to secure a CTP Insurance certificate before driving any car off a dealership. Although reliable Ford dealerships Brisbane centres can process it for you, you can choose any insurance provider that you want. Bring your filled vehicle registration application form as well.


These are necessary so you can legally drive an unregistered car to a safety inspection centre. You can also use it to go to the Department of Transport and Main Roads (DTMR) when you only need an interstate registration.


Pass a safety inspection


After buying a new or used car, you need to pass a safety inspection in Queensland. As mentioned above, you need a CTP certificate to drive your unregistered car from Ford dealerships Brisbane centre. This is to avoid penalties as you bring it to an accredited safety inspection station.


Safety inspection ensures your car is on optimal condition. This can tell you if you have a good car, or if you have a problematic unit.


Thus, in buying new or used Ford Brisbane can offer, be sure to find a reliable dealer beforehand. This is to ensure having a car that will pass the safety inspection.


Register your car


Finally, register your car after completing all the requirements. However, you should call the DTMR before you drop by, so you can confirm their availability.


You can also visit a police station, the Queensland Government Agent Program (QGAP) office, or a Magistrates Court that has vehicle registration service, given that you’re in a rural area.


In addition, note the renewal date of your registration to avoid any late fees.


There you have it. These are the simplified guide in registering a car in Queensland. You can call the Department of Transport and Main Roads for further assistance, or ask a trusted dealer about it.


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