9 tips for successful small bathroom renovations

Since you’ll be renovating a small bathroom, you have to be savvy with everything. From the walls’ colour to the style of the sink, everything must maximise or accentuate the limited space. So, before you call the experts in small bathroom renovations, consider following these tips.

bathroom renovations

1. Give another use for your doors

Give your door or windows a dual purpose. For instance, you can mount a towel rack or hang a mirror on it. Just make sure not to slam the door or risk paying for repair costs later.

2. Opt for medium-sized tiles

In small bathroom renovations, you should still prioritise the aesthetics. Just because it’s a small comfort room doesn’t mean you’ll have to be stingy. If you can find premium medium-sized tiles, then go for it. Large tiles will only make the bathroom look smaller, while smaller tiles might give off a nauseating, crowded look.

3. Consider a sliding door

As opposed to the typical swing door, a sliding door provides more efficiency and saves more space. The best materials for a bathroom sliding door are PVC and fibreglass. PVC is lightweight but durable, while fibreglass is tough and can withstand wear and tear for years.

4. Don’t install a shower door

As always, think about maximising the space. Therefore, don’t think about putting a shower door. This is a small bathroom, so it will be unnecessary. You can instead suggest installing glass dividers or hanging shower curtains to the professional in bathroom renovations.

5. Invest in a corner sink or pedestal sink

A corner sink can maximise your space, as you can put two swing cabinets below as strorage for extra toiletries, toilet paper, and towels. Alternatively, you can also put a pedestal sink on the corner, if you don’t want something bulky.

6. Don’t underestimate the colour

Of course, the colour can make a significant impact on your bathroom’s overall design. Even experts in renovations of bathrooms Melbourne wide will agree that the right colour will affect your mood. So, opt for calm colours like powder blue, beige, sea green, or lilac. If you want something vibrant, invest in neon accents instead.

7. Prioritise natural light

How can you brighten this small room? You can tell the builder to put a skylight if you can’t add another window on the walls. On the other hand, if it’s a windowless bathroom, you can ask the builder to add more reflective spaces or put lights on the vanity mirror. As for the smell, you can add scented candles.

8. Determine if you really need a dedicated space for storage

If there’s no need to add storage space, then don’t do it. The corner sink’s storage space can keep your toiletries and towels, so a separate cabinet will not be necessary. If you really do need one, you can always ask the experts in bathroom renovations to find a way to install one.

9. Ensure the space above the toilet

Finally, it’s important that you dedicate an allowance above your toilet bowl. Your builder has to be knowledgeable about this; but for your information, you should be aware of your city code’s required measurement for toilet bowl clearance.

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