6 tips for building a new attached garage to your house

Are you building a garage on your own? Or, perhaps you’re turning a certain spot in your house into a garage? You must not rush and buy materials, such as garage doors, without considering certain factors. You might not know it, but moving or changing certain parts might affect your house or driveway’s efficiency.

Follow these tips if you’re renovating or building your garage for the first time.

1. Determine your purpose/s.

Do you want better efficiency for your driveway? Do you want another access to the kitchen through a garage? How does your garage affect your household’s daily life?

List down the things you want to add or the parts you want to change. This will help you determine if you need sectional garage doors or just a plain garage door.

2. How about installing a car lift for your house?

Do you have a big family or do you have more than two cars? You can benefit from car lifts or auto elevators. It’s a great help for saving space in your garage.

You just have to park your car on the lift, get out of it, and then set the system to lift your car. The space under the platform can hold another car of yours.

3. Consider putting your garage at the back of your house.

Are you tired of the conventional front garage? If you’re not comfortable with putting roller garage doors beside your beautiful front porch, then you can put your garage at the rear part of your house. This will provide you with benefits regarding your house’s resale value, uniqueness, airflow, and even security.

4. Don’t be afraid to zero in the details.

Think about the garage doors’ functionality, the organisational systems, wall hooks, or even shelves. This is even more crucial if you’re planning to resell your house in the near future. Buyers with families, active lifestyles, or jobs in the city prefer a house with a highly functional garage.

5. Take care of the insulation and lighting.

Consider putting insulation between the garage and the room to which it will be attached. The best insulation materials are fibreglass, cellulose, or drywall. As for the lighting, you can invest in LED lighting fixtures. You can measure your floor space. After that, you can go to a hardware shop and ask the attendant regarding the right number of lumens per square foot.

6. Think about ventilation.

If you’re planning to build a garage with an attic, you can add a powered garage fan. This will help keep the hot air out and preserve the cool air inside. You can also open your garage doors, especially if it faces the north; this lets in the fresh air. Other cheaper options are adding a big floor fan and a dehumidifier.

In a nutshell

Don’t just follow your intuition all the time. You may know about some things, but it’s better if you consider the impact of this renovation project. Even better, you can contact renovation experts or suppliers for valuable opinions.

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